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Neos Aliakmon is one of the largest cooperatives in Central Macedonia. Since 1968, when it was founded by a group of producers, it has demonstrated a remarkable development in the fields of production, distribution and marketing of fresh fruit.

The cooperative consists of 630 producer – active members – who currently cultivate approximately 15,000 acres of land in the fertile valley created by the Aliakmonas river.

More than 30 million kilos of fresh fruit are produced, preserved and packaged by Neos Aliakmonas Coop every year, with the majority of them being exported to EU countries. as well as in third countries of Eastern Europe, while in recent years also in new markets of Asia and the Middle East.

It's all about Quality

Quality Certification

The fresh fruits of Neos Aliakmon Coop come from fully controlled farms that meet the strictest quality standards according to the operating protocols of the Cooperative.

The fertile plain of Imathia with its special soil and climate conditions, combined with the cooperation of the producers and the scientifically qualified technical department of the cooperative, result in the production of top quality fruit, absolutely safe for consumers.

At every stage of cultivation, quality measurements and controls are included that ensure the unique aroma and special taste of our fruits, as well as their rich content of nutrients.

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