A.S. Neos Aliakmon has modern and privately owned buildings, located in the Municipal District of Ammos of the Municipality of Veria. The total surface area exceeds 20.000 sq.m. and includes facilities for dispensary, refrigerators, storage rooms and offices. The building housing the production activity and offices was constructed in 1990 and the storage areas in 1978. In 2007 improvements were made to the production areas in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 22000/2005 system, with which the organisation was certified. Since 2021, the expansion of the facilities in a new building is underway, which is being constructed in sections and already 8 additional state-of-the-art cold rooms are in operation. The Co-operative is constantly investing in upgrading its facilities in order to meet the increasing market requirements to the maximum extent possible.

Today, the facilities of the Cooperative include:

  • Collection and reception area for agricultural products with two overhead and one underground forklift trucks
  • Installation for the processing, sorting, standardization-packaging of fresh products (sorting plant)
  • Storage areas and sheds
  • Refrigeration facilities with ten refrigeration chambers with a capacity of 2,000 tons, for the storage and preservation of products
  • Offices of 670 sq.m. where all administrative services are housed
  • Other installations (engine room, water pumps, etc.)

AS Neos Aliakmon has additional mechanical equipment of the latest technology, in order to be sufficient and cover the ever-increasing needs that arise with the admission of new members and the increase in production volume. The production equipment consists of:

  • Pre-sorting, sorting-packing and micro-packing machinery
  • Mechanical equipment for refrigeration plants
  • Means of inland transport of products and materials
  • Means of transport for the transport of products in the manufacturing industries

As of 2021, the Cooperative is implementing a project to build new facilities including eight cold storage chambers, a new state-of-the-art sorting plant and ancillary areas in order to meet the ever-increasing production needs.