From Plate to Fork


For Neos Aliakmon the strict dedication to traceability procedures is a basic tool in the production process, but also a comparative advantage in the export activity of the Cooperative. Traceability provides the absolute capability of monitoring and tracing the origin of the entire route of the product, from the field and the harvest to storage, distribution and finally the consumer’s plate!

The two main pillars for safeguarding the process are:

  • Reliable coding and labelling at all stages of product management
  • Electronic monitoring with appropriate traceability software of all individual phases of the production process and handling

Advantages of the Traceability process:

  • The immediate tracking of used batches, raw materials and direct packaging materials
  • Timely and immediate reaction in cases of crisis, through the rapid identification of problematic batches.
  • Improving the level of customer service
  • Eliminating the disposal of non-compliant products


Ensure that the individual packaging of a product with its box packaging and pallet packaging is labelled with all the necessary information at batch level.

The capability of digital interconnection of these markings is activated, reflecting in the pedigree of the product.

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The full implementation of the traceability system improves the cooperation of Neos Aliakmon with its customers, enabling immediate reaction and ensuring the consistently high quality of the products.